Accounting Clerk CV And Job Description

Accounting Clerk CV And Job Description

An Accounting Clerk CV should be made in such a way that it should highlight the qualification and experience the candidate posses. The training requirements for an accounting clerk are

  • Associate Degree in Accounting, Business, or another related area
  • A high-school degree is the minimum education requirement, though most employers look for accounting training or work experience too

An accounting clerk is a person responsible for calculating and reporting daily sales data and inventory. The main duty of an accounting clerk is to perform accounting functions for the company where he works. As a result, the job of an accountant clerk involves balancing interests on bank or credit accounts and reconciling account statements. Usually, the tasks of an accounting clerk are more specialized in a larger company.

Accounting Clerk Job Description

Usually, employers prefer accountant clerks with a graduate degree, but some companies hire candidates with 2–5 years of experience in the field of Accounting or perhaps in a related area. Employers also look for candidates who have a specific employment history as an accounts payable or receivable clerk, tax-record clerk, etc. depending on the company’s goals.

The specific work elements are recording costs of lost goods, refunding, and organizing documents related to different business transactions. An accountant clerk can also receive clerical or insurance tasks.

The main responsibilities of an accounting clerk are

  • Organizing and sorting bills and checks
  • Analyzing bills and checking discrepancies or errors and resolving them with customers
  • Performing data entry operations
  • Organizing monthly processing of bills as well as preparing and organizing monthly billing statements.

Here, you can take a look at an accounting clerk CV sample and check out this sample as well.

Accounting Clerk Resume Sample

Accounting Clerk CV Sample

Personal Details

Name: John V. Bohannon

Birth date: 01.09.1977
Address and Contact Details: 432 West Boulevard,
New York
Phone: 300 585 9856
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married
Driving License: Yes


Eager to work in a large bank and offered the opportunity to further demonstrate my accounting abilities and develop my professional and personal skills.


  • Accounting knowledge
  • 6 years of experience in the accounting field
  • Good with numbers i.e. sort, check, count, and verify numbers
  • Knowledge of payroll policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of universal accounting procedure
  • Ability to resolve problems
  • Knowledge of universal invoicing procedures
  • Good record maintenance skills
  • Good in performing simple accounting procedures
  • Account balancing skills
  • Knowledge of cash management skills and procedures
  • Proficient in making financial reports
  • Good in accounts payable practices.

Work Experience

Accounting Clerk

American Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.


  • Maintenance of standard ledger and sub-ledgers
  • Filing of federal government remittances promptly
  • Executing other responsibilities and duties as assigned
  • Obtaining signatures on the check and distributing payments
  • Executing ordinary reviews on routine and performing account evaluation
  • Ordering of department equipment, supplies, and inventories and their care and maintenance
  • Maintaining payroll records
  • Training and guidance of staff, interns, and student employees performing related work
  • Executing job-related duties
  • Recruitment of interns and internal volunteers


  • Associate Diploma in Accounting
  • University degree in Accounting University of New York
  • Certification in financial software like Sage, Quickbooks, and Myob
  • Certified Accounting Clerk
  • Certification in cost and work accounting


  • North American Accounting Clerk Society
  • National Accounting Association


Rick M. Hughes

Human Resource
Dent Publications
Contact no: 76899 8999



CV is the stepping-stone for any job. A good Resume Format can work wonders for your career. The Accounting Clerk CV Format given here will be a great help for all job seekers. You have to edit it for your qualification and professional experience and you will get a perfectly drafted CV for your dream job.