Singapore Resume Format For Students

Singapore Resume Format

A CV is something that is not confined or limited to a definite system, hence there are no rules guiding the format. Still a Singapore Resume Format requires certain unavoidable things. It should consist of a detailed presentation of your academic qualification, work experience, merits of personality, and achievements. It should be like a clear mirror reflecting your personality. Only then the reader can’t avoid being impressed.

This sample Singapore Resume Format will help you in writing your resume quickly and in an impressive manner. This Singapore Resume Format focuses on the objective and skills section. The skills and objectives included in your resume should be relative to your profession. Do not write a lengthy resume. Here is Dubai Resume Format your reference.

Singapore Resume Format

Alice Martini

33, John Street, Times Square,
Cell phone number: +65 9622446578
Home or office phone: +65 21453422

Career Objective:

It is highly necessary to elucidate your objectives of joining the company and building your career under its auspices. You should also mention how you will adopt all the feasible ways to exercise your guts for the job.

Professional Experience:

Present detailed information about your job experience with the total periods and with the names of the companies. Your job profile may make your CV conspicuous.


Give detailed information about all your degrees and certificates with the names of the universities and institutions in proper order.


Your achievements need a clear but simple mention to specify your career. If you have got nothing creditable to be mentioned in case of being a fresher, mention how best efforts you will put in using your best abilities in all the feasible ways to perform duty. This will highlight your merits and strengths.


Mention the pastime activities done in your spare time as they reveal many aspects of your personality.


References should be given if they are demanded.

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CV is the stepping-stone for any job. A good CV can work wonders for your career. The Singapore Resume Format given here will be a great help for all job seekers. You have to edit it for your qualification and professional experience and you will get a perfectly drafted CV for your dream job.