Best Teaching CV Layout For UK Teachers

Teaching CV Layout

Teaching CV Layout: Employers looking to hire teachers basically look at the experience of the candidate in handling a group of students and how well the candidate can communicate with students of every age group. This means the candidate who is applying for the job as a teacher should highlight their acquired class management skills and teaching methods used by him.

Interaction with parents is part of a teacher’s job. It would be an added advantage if you can state any specific workshops or seminars that you have either attended or conducted that are related to the education system.

Write about your objective and inspiration behind seeking teaching as a career option. Every teacher has a specific method of approaching a lesson or chapter. You should mention any specific method developed or contribution you have made that has affected positively your class/school.

To showcase your communication skills list any of the activities or work that gives an idea about your ability to communicate an idea. Mention the resources other than textbooks and reference books that you have used to improve the learning experience of students.

Along with this the rest of the details like self-introduction, previous work experience, certifications, and graduations are an integral part of any UK Teacher CV.

How do teachers write CV UK?

Teaching professional is a very reputed profession in the world. It has many responsibilities too. Teachers are required from play school to high school and they have to perform various duties as per their subjects.

This Teaching CV layout will help the teachers to write a teaching CV. An effective CV gives a good impression to the interviewer.

Teaching CV Layout

Write your full name

Your address,

Name of your city

Name of your state

Your valid email address

Valid mobile number with country code

Your valid telephone number with country code

Career Objective: Write your objectives why you want to join the school and why you love the profession. Also, give details about your further career plans. You can also discuss some of your unique teaching styles.

Professional Experience:

Give details about your professional work experience. Also, give the name and address of the company and your job profile. If possible give details about all your responsibilities.


Mention the name of the degrees you have and also state the academic years of courses. If you are pursuing any course during the time of application then give details like within how many months the course will complete. Also, give the name of the university and the state.


Here you can mention all your achievements which you have gained during your study or your previous job. You can also discuss your strengths.


Mention the activities that you are doing in your spare time so it will give a better idea about your personality.


Always provide references if requested.


CV is the stepping-stone for any job. A good Resume Format can work wonders for your career. The Teaching CV Layout given here will be a great help for all job seekers. You have to edit it for your qualification and professional experience and you will get a perfectly drafted CV for your dream job.